The increasing media attention on fitness has influenced a lot of people to change their perception of beauty. Health is now viewed as something to be truly beautiful, and without it everything else is superficial. One way to stay healthy is to ensure that you eat right and keep a regular exercise routine. People tend to neglect the latter and use their full-time job as an excuse for not having it.


You can do exercises at home that will yield the same results as if you have gone to the gym. People who experience no results in their home exercise routine despite doing it regularly either lack discipline or the knowledge of how it works and how to make it even more effective. Here are five tips to help you build that effective home exercise routine.


Schedule your Exercise


Whether its thirty minutes to one hour, make sure that you a lot a specific part of your day to do the exercises. Getting it scheduled adds a certain level of commitment. Seeing it on your calendar helps set your brain to the activity increases the likelihood of it happening.


Vary your Routine


If you are doing cardio exercises by mostly jumping jacks and lunges one week, switch it up to doing bodyweight exercises or core exercises the next week. To prevent your muscles from getting used to a certain exercise routine, change things up once in a while. If you have been doing home exercises for a long time and not seeing the results, you may have gone through a plateau phase where your muscles have gotten used to what you are doing. Get out of that phase by changing your routine regularly.


Get a Guide


Whether it is an actual book, an audio book or an online video, get a material that will help you get started and will motivate you to keep going. Many free videos on YouTube gives you many options on the type of exercises you want to do. The advantage of getting a guide is that you are sure to start on the right page and that you ensure that there is variety in your routine.


Gradual Increase in Intensity


The correct way of achieving cardio strength is to take it one step at a time. Most people make the mistake of leaping to the top by doing a lot of repetitions and increasing the intensity of each workout. This can cause muscle damage and the pain you get in your first week can be a cause of demotivation not to move forward.


Maintain a healthy diet


Abs are baked in the gym or through exercises, but they are made in the kitchen. This means no matter how well you stick to your exercise regimen; you will never see the results you want unless you eat right. You need to feed your body with the right amount of nutrients so it can repair itself and stop storing it with unnecessary calories that you will need to burn.